Coronavirus — Life in China

The following posts were written by my friend Jerry Grey in Zhongshan China. He posted them on FaceBook to dispel some of the fears many people outside of the country are wondering about. I’m adding additional important updates as they become available.
You Can’t Go Home Again

If you read or watch anything, the following video puts everything in perspective.

The following Twitter thread which was posted March 11, 2020 by LynnFlynn is the most important information you can read about #Coronavirus #Covid19
Ghost Town, February 17, 2020

Rumors and Misinformation, February 17, 2020


February 18, 2020

Excerpt from Jerry Grey, with a very interesting question:

“This morning I received yet another SMS through China Mobile urging everyone to get back to work.

(Zhongshan City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office) The resumption of production and the resumption of the enterprise must be achieved: the prevention and control mechanism is in place, employees are in place, the facilities are in place, and the internal management is in place.

There is no doubt that the economy is seriously suffering now and will continue to do so well into the future. I don’t know where this Office is getting its information from because as far as I can ascertain the only places we are in, is our apartments: this doesn’t really apply to me as I’m retired and don’t have a job or enterprise to go to. But my friends, my Chinese family and all my neighbours are definitely not in any other place than their apartments and stuck there for the foreseeable future as the only policy I can see being implemented isn’t a return to work policy, it’s an isolation policy.”


“Within a few minutes of receiving this message urging everyone to get to work, I read a news headline in the China Daily that the biannual meeting of the CCCPC (Central Committee of the Communist Party of China) has been delayed – now, this is yet another of those moments of confusion for me: and another “do they know something I don’t know?” moment. Why is it ok for all the factory workers to go back and take part in production on their lines, when it isn’t ok for the leaders of the country to meet? I would assume the same procedures of testing, isolation and wearing of masks would be implemented and therefore the county’s leaders would be equally as safe as the country’s workers, wouldn’t they?

What are the measures? Regular temperature checks; wearing of face masks at all times; isolation for 14 days in the company dormitories; no canteen meals together; eating of cooked food and no raw food; no visits; no games and keep everything ventilated. Hardly draconian measure and, assuming our leaders are all tested for the virus too, I would suggest the meeting should go ahead as a gesture of confidence in the measures that have been, and continue to be taken.”

The end, or just the beginning? February 21, 2020

I’ll take “Confusion” for 1,000-RMB, Alex
No Need to Panic!