May 2022

One Last Dance


One Last Dance Senior year of high school 1968--69. Finally, I was reaching the end of school. I hated school, so many dull, uninteresting subjects. As my books slid into my locker on the first day, I noticed someone next to me doing the same. My heart skipped a beat when I [...]

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February 2019

Puppy Love Revisited


Puppy Love Revisited     (names were changed to protect the guilty)   I was 11, she was much older, at 12. Nicole, her younger brother, Randy, my sister, and dumb, fat Victor would walk up the block to the old, abandoned cemetery and read the headstones. Most were from the 1800s or early [...]

Puppy Love Revisited2023-12-10T21:44:10-08:00
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