Your Permanent Record image

Your Permanent Record

It Never Existed!

The principal threatened you whenever you violated a rule: “This is going on your permanent record!”

The good news is, there is no permanent record. However, there will be. We are developming a dApp to establish your permanent record from birth through…the inevitable. 

We’re looking for development partners, investors, and marketing professionals to get our project off the ground. 

“Blockchain” is the current buzzword in technology. Often called “Internet 3.0”, applications built on the Blockchain promise more security for personal data which only you control. Governments around the world (especially China) are investigating the possibilities and calling for projects that will improve their services. 

A quick look at Twitter with the hashtag #Blockchain will open your eyes to the somewhat overhyped excitement. Billions of dollars are being spent on development of ideas, some of which are already online. Visit this (reasonably) simple explanation of Blockchain.

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