July 2019

KDFM Walnut Creek, CA


KDFM Walnut Creek California As a teenager I had a transistor radio glued to my ear. I passionately wanted to be an announcer on a radio station. It wasn’t easy to break into the broadcasting business in 1968, but when you want something bad enough, you find a way. My friend Bill Weil knew [...]

KDFM Walnut Creek, CA2022-03-16T19:00:43-07:00

July 2016

United Vintners San Francisco


United Vintners of San Francisco Inglenook Vintages Italian Swiss Colony Heublein Cocktails Why write about a troubled, defunct company?  The history of wine in the USA is part of the history of me, Marc Curtis.  United Vintners of San Francisco has its roots in the depths of [...]

United Vintners San Francisco2021-08-25T00:46:09-07:00
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