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April 2024

A Murderer and His Mother’s Love


A MURDERER AND HIS MOTHER’S LOVE August 9, 1969… a crime that shocked the nation and to this day continues to draw the attention of the world happened in Los Angeles. Pregnant actress Sharon Tate and her companions Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, and Steven Parent, were brutally murdered in a home on Cielo Drive. This [...]

A Murderer and His Mother’s Love2024-04-22T06:22:46-07:00

October 2023

Return to Nijubashi Bridge


Return to Nijubashi Bridge Nijubashi Bridge, Tokyo Japan February 1954. Mom, sister Dawn and I boarded the General E.D. Patrick troop ship in San Francisco and headed to Yokohama, Japan where we rendezvoused with my father, Sgt. E.F. Curtis. I was only three years old and these are the earliest [...]

Return to Nijubashi Bridge2024-01-19T04:46:24-08:00

The Blind Mule


The Blind Mule Every year, dozens of young, attractive, naïve girls are given a free trip by a ‘friend’ or ‘customer.’ They are unknowingly hired to transport goods from a foreign country, being told that the sender can’t get a visa so he needs help to import a small amount of products. These girls [...]

The Blind Mule2023-12-10T21:20:37-08:00

June 2021

Crossing the Atlantic – a semi-fictional story


photo credit EllisIsland.org Crossing the Atlantic - A Semi-Fictional Story They left all they had, all they knew, to come to America for a better life. The stories of immigrants are as varied as the 51-plus-million who crossed the Atlantic in crowded, unsanitary conditions. For them, the American dream was their only hope, so they [...]

Crossing the Atlantic – a semi-fictional story2023-12-10T21:23:19-08:00

March 2021

Don’t Eat the Spicy Sichuan Fish


Don't Eat the Spicy Sichuan Fish! Photo Credit: NPR.org Delicious? I would call it aphrodisiac quality cuisine. What could possibly be wrong with that? Glad you asked. These powerful little peppercorns can numb your mouth by placing just one or two kernels on your tongue. It’s a wonderful effect. I even drop one [...]

Don’t Eat the Spicy Sichuan Fish2023-12-10T22:29:52-08:00
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