Janny in Prison Clothes

The Blind Mule

Every year, dozens of young, attractive, naïve girls are given a free trip by a ‘friend’ or ‘customer.’ They are unknowingly hired to transport goods from a foreign country, being told that the sender can’t get a visa so he needs help to import a small amount of products. These girls are thrilled to be able to travel to another country, get paid a small stipend, and have their expenses paid. What they don’t know is that the products are illegal drugs… cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, and other contraband.

One girl, a personal friend of mine is Janny; a 27-year-old, innocent woman who jumped at the chance to visit Hanoi, Vietnam from Guangzhou, China. Janny was a budding entrepreneur with a growing fashion business. She was told by a Nigerian customer to meet his assistant, a Thai woman, who would bring some clothing samples to her, which she would bring back to China.

Upon receiving the ‘package’ she quickly realized that something wasn’t right. The Thai woman quickly left the hotel room. Loud footsteps were heard and her door was swung open by the police. The two women were immediately arrested. Janny was caught holding three kilograms of heroin, a crime punishable by death. My dear friend is serving a life sentence in Hanoi for a crime she didn’t commit. She became a victim of a ruthless drug kingpin; an unsuspecting mule who was blinded by an opportunity to travel.

The full story of Janny and many young women can be viewed at https://SaveJanny.org


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