October 2023

Return to Nijubashi Bridge


Return to Nijubashi Bridge Nijubashi Bridge, Tokyo Japan February 1954. Mom, sister Dawn and I boarded the General E.D. Patrick troop ship in San Francisco and headed to Yokohama, Japan where we rendezvoused with my father, Sgt. E.F. Curtis. I was only three years old and these are the earliest [...]

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The Blind Mule


The Blind Mule Every year, dozens of young, attractive, naïve girls are given a free trip by a ‘friend’ or ‘customer.’ They are unknowingly hired to transport goods from a foreign country, being told that the sender can’t get a visa so he needs help to import a small amount of products. These girls [...]

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June 2021

Crossing the Atlantic – a semi-fictional story


photo credit EllisIsland.org Crossing the Atlantic - A Semi-Fictional Story They left all they had, all they knew, to come to America for a better life. The stories of immigrants are as varied as the 51-plus-million who crossed the Atlantic in crowded, unsanitary conditions. For them, the American dream was their only hope, so they [...]

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October 2020

Special Agent Man


As a television news cameraman, I chased guys like Steve to various crime scenes, and never once did they answer a question any other way than “I can’t comment on that.” Secret Agent Man is the story of Steve Moore

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May 2020

Queen of the Tuscany Kitchen


Martine always woke up at 4:00 am. Important work was to be done in the kitchen. She was the Queen of the Tuscany Kitchen.

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