Special Agent Man

Secret Agent Man book imageI read a book this week . . . could not put it down! It is the true story of a friend, someone with whom I have developed a great deal of respect and admiration. He is your basic humorous, average guy on the surface. But when you get to know him and his family through this book, you gain a whole lot “Moore” knowledge of the depth of his character, and the family that has stood by him.

A mutual friend introduced me to Steve Moore in 2013 because of his involvement in the Amanda Knox case, and my efforts to rescue an innocent woman from a life-in-prison sentence in Vietnam for a crime she did not commit.

Steve read the information about Janny and offered to do anything he could to help. He gave my efforts a great deal of credibility when he loaned his name in support of someone he doesn’t know but trusted that what I told him was truth. That takes intuition. Some of that intuition came naturally to Steve, the rest came from intense training and experience.

Reading “Special Agent Man” allowed me to understand Steve, and understand the work of the FBI. At 9 years old my parents subscribed me to a series of science books. The most interesting ones dealt with criminal investigations. In 1970 I had applied for a job with the FBI at the San Francisco field office. A dozen years later, Steve also applied. They hired him, not me. Both decisions were prudent.

As a television news cameraman, I chased guys like Steve to various crime scenes, and never once did they answer a question any other way than “I can’t comment on that.” Although I did smile when they would ask how I found out about a bust in progress and appeared on the scene as they were breaking down doors. My answer was always “a little bird told me.” We would both nod our heads and accept that that information was not about to be revealed in either direction.

I feel honored to know Clark and Lois…I mean, Steve and Michelle. I hope you will pick up a copy (or e-book version) soon. The last chapter will cause your visor to cover your face, which you will understand when you read it.

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