A Nomad… A Gypsy… A Military Brat.  Travel is the only “Home” I know.

Marc Curtis flight on the Concorde image

Travel Adventures

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing some great travel adventures because of my work as a TV news photographer.  The flight of the Concorde is my absolute favorite.

City Weekend Magazine Logo

City Weekend Magazine

Since April, 2014 I’ve been a contributing writer of the “Wino” column for City Weekend Magazine in Shanghai and Beijing.  Two articles are published each month.

Marc Curtis Home. Roy Rogers Riders Club autographed image

Roy Rogers, Dale Evans

If you grew up in the 1950’s, you were probably glued to the TV during the many Westerns that filled the afternoon hours.  Many years later, I met Roy and Dale at their home.

Disneyland Adventureland 1955 image

Disneyland 1955

Disneyland opened in 1955 and became every child’s dream trip.  We had our dream fulfilled a few months after the park opened, and it was everything we could have imagined.

“You are never too old to set another goal, or dream a new dream” .. C.S. Lewis

Presidio of San Francisco: June 24, 1951

Letterman Hospital and Marc imageBorn at Letterman Army Hospital. I never actually lived in San Francisco. It’s not my home town, but then, I don’t have one. I’m a nomad…a gypsy…an Army Brat. Put me on an airplane, send me anywhere. That’s where I belong…anywhere. I’ve lived in China since 2011. But I prefer being on a 747 to…well…you name it. I graduated from Pleasant Hill High School in Northern California in 1969. The school no longer exists. Kind of fits don’t you think?

I’m fortunate. My career as a TV Photojournalist has sent me around the world frequently. I’ve traveled to 48 US States, and visited 40 countries, some of them multiple times.

“The journey itself is my home” .. Basho”

Yokohama, Japan: 1954

Kamakura Buddha imageMy earliest memories are of Japan. I was 3 to 4 years old when we lived in Yokohama, but the sights, smells, and people were so different they left an indelible impression on my sprouting brain.

It was normal for us (and most military families) to move every 1 to 3 years. Many were transferred every 6 months! That has its good and bad points. The good is that you always get to see new places, learn about foreign cultures (Texas is quite foreign), and experience things which most people never have the opportunity. The bad is that you make friends fast…and lose them even faster. That’s why I created the Military Brats Registry in 1997. I wanted to find my friends and I knew that thousands of other Military Brats wanted to do the same.

I spent Kindergarten through third grade in 2 schools, one in Concord, CA and the other in El Paso, Texas. Then we moved on base at Fort Bliss, TX in 1960. This was my first school on a military base. I remember showing up for the first day of fourth grade. It was always hard to be the ‘new kid’ in the class. But this time was different. Since everyone else was a Military Brat, they all knew what it was like to be the new kid, and I was accepted right away. That year and a half provided some great memories.

I began searching for my friends from Bliss Elementary sometime around 1990. It wasn’t easy to do since the Internet wasn’t accessible at the time. When I started the Registry, I set up a page called “Marc’s Personal Search.” It took 9 months before the first former classmate found the site and contacted me. Since then, I have located 13 of them!

“Not all those who wander are lost” .. JRR Tolkien

The Journey

Bob Hale's wall mural imageDuring high school and college I began my career in broadcasting at KDFM radio in Walnut Creek, CA. It wasn’t long before I found out I had a natural gift as a cameraman (my professors said so!). In 1972 I moved to Hollywood to get into “big time television.” It was a struggle, but an enjoyable one. I shot the first commercial for the “Chia Pet” and said “It’ll never sell.” My stock market advice is equally as good.

In 1984 I received a call from documentary producer, Robert Drew. I shot several award winning documentaries with him, including:

  • || Warnings From Gangland (1984-85) A Los Angeles gang attacks a grocer and his family who fight back with the aid of the police and the courts. 58 minutes. Broadcast “Frontline”, PBS.
  • || Shootout on Imperial Highway (1984-85) Los Angeles gang goes to jail where its members tell their side of their war with a grocer, his family and the police, all of whom meet again in a Los Angeles courtroom. 58 minutes. Broadcast “Frontline,” PBS.
  • ||For Auction, An American Hero|| For Auction: An American Hero (1985-86) Auctioneer travels Nebraska disposing of farms, farmers and one of America’s great traditions. 58 minutes. Broadcast PBS. duPont/Columbia Award; Best Documentary. Emmy Nomination. Nyon Festival; Special Recognition. Cine Golden Eagle.
  • || Your Flight is Cancelled (1988-89) World’s busiest airport when a thunderstorm strikes. 45 minutes. Broadcast “Frontline,” PBS. Emmy Nomination, ’88.
  • || L.A. Champions (1994) High school basketball captains are celebrated as they contest for the championship, then graduate into lawless, jobless streets of South Central L.A. 58 Minutes. Funded CPB Broadcast PBS.
  • || (2010) “Protect Kashgar” is about the Chinese government’s project to save an ancient city and its people from the possibility of a disastrous earthquake.
  • || (2015) ““GLF Tea USA“. While living in China I became fascinated with tea. I learned about white tea, which is truly the healthiest of all teas. Along with Mark Williams, I co-produced and starred in a 30-minute infomercial that educates and entertains the viewers about this beneficial drink. You can watch the video in the gallery at GLFTeaUSA.com.

The “Art of Seeing”
by Wynn Selwynn

Marc shooting video in Australia imageWe often look, but we seldom see.

The “Art of Seeing” is what puts certain photographers into the category “artist.” These people have developed an almost sixth- sense about places, objects, people…and events.

The untrained eye misses these little vignettes of the world, but the artist-photographer finds beauty and enigma in the commonplace, unusual in the usual, and meaning in the apparently meaningless.

The world holds subtle delights and surprises for those who will only take a second look. With that intense second look and articulate use of his camera, he strives to share these things with those of us who are not blessed with the “Art of Seeing.”

“Reading departure signs in some big airport, reminds me of the places I’ve been.
Visions of good times that brought so much pleasure
Makes me want to go back again.” Jimmy Buffet: Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

Here is a look at some of my travels.  Keeping up with the schedule here was too much of a chore (aka: lazy).  In the most recent times I’ve traveled all over China, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, and will continue to travel as long as I am able!

Nadi, Fiji
Jan 2-11: Melbourne; Sydney; Dunk Island; Australia
Feb 1-3: San Francisco, CA
Feb 4-6: Hawk’s Cay, Duck Key, Florida
Feb 7-8: Eden Roc Hotel and Resort; Miami Beach; FL
Feb 10: The Phoenician Resort; Scottsdale, AZ
Feb 23-26: New York City, NY
Mar 17-23: Melbourne; Sydney; Australia
Apr 10-11: Las Vegas, NV
Apr 15: San Francisco, CA
Apr 18-21: London & Cambridge, England
Apr 27-31: London & Cambridge, England(again)
May 13-21: Wyndham Resorts, Puerto Rico
May 27-29: Wichita, Kansas
Jun 3-7: Le Parker Meridien Hotel, New York City, NY
Jun 8: Laguna Beach, CA
Jun 10: Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA
Jun 15-16: Jacksonville, FL
Jul 3-8: Sydney, Australia (hard habit to break)
Jul 25: Century City, CA, St Regis Hotel
Sep 8-10: Amsterdam, Holland
Sep 11: Brussels, Belgium
Sep 12-13: LeHavre, France
Sep 14: Vigo, Spain
Sep 15: Lisbon, Portugal
Sep 16-17: Reims, France
Sep 17-19: Troyes, France
Sep 19-23: Paris, France
Oct 26-29: Nassau, Bahamas
Oct 30: Atlanta, GA
Nov 1-2: Orlando, FL
Jan 9-10: Park Hyatt Hotel, San Francisco, California
Jan 31-Feb 3: London, England
Feb 11-12: Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona
Mar 8-13: Hawk’s Cay, Duck Key, Florida
Mar 18-21: Halekulani Hotel, Oahu, Hawaii
Apr 13: Las Vegas, Nevada
Apr 28-May 1: Celebrity Cruises, San Diego/LA/San Francisco
May 3-7: London, England
Jun 19-21: Las Vegas, Nevada
Jun 25-Jul 2: Sydney, Australia
Jul 11: San Francisco, CA
Jul 19-23: Wichita, KS
Aug 8-13: Anguilla, BWI
Aug 30 – Sept 8: Singapore
Sept 8 – Sept 9: San Francisco
Oct 4 – Oct 6: Las Vegas, Nevada
June 12: Salt Lake City, UT
June 12: Denver, CO
June 13: Las Vegas, NV
June 13: Chicago, IL
June 14: Detroit, MI
June 16: Concord, CA
June 17: Reno, NV
June 17: Squaw Valley, CA (Lake Tahoe)
July 14-17: Honolulu, Hawaii
Aug 7-8: Mammoth Lakes, CA

January 10-13: Hawk’s Cay Resort, Duck Key, Florida
February 18-20: Park Hyatt Food & Wine Festival, Carmel, California
There was more, but I was too lazy to update the site!


January 10-12:Stevens Point, Wisconsin
February 20-24: Washington, DC
March 21-23: Chesapeake Bay, VA
April 13-21: Italy
April 28-May1: New York City, NY
May 17-18: Las Vegas, NV
May 25-28: Miami, FL, Haiti, Jamaica (Royal Caribbean Cruises)
June 1-8: Anchorage, Seward, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, Alaska; Vancouver BC (Princess Cruises)
June 9: Seattle, Washington
October 19-21: New York City, NY (the Pacific Princess “Love Boat” final cruise)


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